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Capability Framework Role Description

Create Role Description

The Role Description Builder allows you to easily populate necessary role description content, including the capabilities required for the role from the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework and Occupation Specific Capability Sets, to create a role description.

Before you start, review the steps below.

The Sector Role Description Library contains role descriptions for a range of non-executive and executive roles that are common across the public sector. Sector role descriptions will save you much of the work involved in developing a role description.

NSW Government role descriptions should be developed in line with the Role Description Development Guideline (PDF 635KB) and (when using a sector role description) with the Sector Role Description Action Guide (PDF 100KB).

You may also want to review the Capability Comparison Guide (PDF 215KB).

Before you begin to write the Role Description, consider the role’s core deliverables versus the way they’re delivered. This means considering things like its span of control, its key stakeholders, and what you can adjust to make the role available to the widest possible talent pool. For example:

  • what flexibility exists for when, where and how tasks can be completed
  • if any inherent requirements (such as Essential Requirements and Key Knowledge and Experience) could be adjusted to encourage people with disability to apply for the role if advertised (For example, do “telephone skills” need to be included when many use Skype or someone else in the team could handle the phones?)
  • how you will describe the role using unbiased language

Below are some useful tips for using the Role Description Builder.

  • Use Google Chrome: We suggest using Google Chrome when creating a role description using the Role Description Builder.
  • Read help text:  On every page, 'Help Text' relating to the page is available by clicking on the (?) symbol.

Role Description Builder tool elements: 

  • Preview button : Users can preview the role description as they are progressing through the various screens by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol.
  • Progress Indicator: A progress bar at the top of the page shows users the percentage of the role description that's been completed.
  • Sending the role description to multiple people: You can enter multiple email addresses to send the role description (separated by semi colons).
  • Copying the role description: On the last screen of the Role Description Builder you can copy the contents of the role description into a new one and make modifications rather than re-entering all the information again for a similar role. 

The guide 'Create a more accessible role description' (PDF 595KB) explains how to make the role description content more accessible to a range of people with disabilities.

Accessibility may be further improved by creating a PDF copy of the final version of the role description as this generates tagging within a PDF document, which enables assistive technologies like screen readers to navigate the document.  Speak to your organisation’s communications team for further guidance about creating accessible documents.